FMOC Slalom Cup 1st round 15.5.2005 - Special Report for FSP Forum readers

From left: 90LX charged 302, 68FB restomod, 66HT GT, 80 w/200, 94GT, 84HB highly modified (K-member 1" moved to front & tons of other things, behind it a 91GT mod & 87GT, 68GT convertible, 85GT V8Roadsport race car, and the black on right is 96GTS which beat us all once again


FMOC (Ford Mustang Owner's Club of Finland, is a 700+ member car club. This year we decided to have a five round Slalom Cup instead of a one-time event. This 1st round was arranged on Sunday along with our Spring Meeting. There were some 30+ cars attending.

Here I post a few pics of my ride on the Slalom track. I've got the 2GEN engine now with some 2000 miles on it after the rebuild, and it seems to get more eager to go every day. Just before the event I wanted to change jets (isn't it so that you always have to alter something at the last minute?). I had never even tried how the car would behave if given some hard times and for the new engine this was first event to test if there is good enough power to burn rubber at least a little bit. Gen1 engine with its dynoed 112hp didn't even promise to spin wheels on dry asphalt - not even in wet conditions. That is due to pretty good tires and the locking rear end. Wheels are 205/55/16. Now it spins...


The starting line, two meters ahead already...


...and again. Posted this just to show how deep the rear end dives under hard acceleration.

First really tough corner... the second corner. I've got biggest stabilizer bars that Ford put on a foxbody (1.30Front, 0.83Rear) but the car still would use a set of sub-frame connectors and lower/tougher springs.


The left turn here is a almost WOT driven. Many cars skidded sideways and had hard times keeping the course right for the third 100 degree left turn that I'm aiming in the next pic. Here I already had 2nd gear in and the rear end is just about to slide to the right as the rear wheels have already lost their traction.


Out of the second and WOT forward before braking to a hairy section. The track was about half a mile long.


Almost at the end of the track was second hairy section where we just had to slalom left right left right thru the gates...


...and heading for the last gate and there at the corner of the house you can see the flag man. This is a good view how this kind of driving could benefit from way stiffer suspension, sub-frames, and a caster/camber kit so I could easily add camber to prevent the front wheels to turn under the car. This point in track is a hard turn round the marker and the pedal is all the way down. Finished on the 8th place (among 21 drivers) and lost the first place with about 5 secs (55 vs. 60 secs).


Some notes: This event showed that on a slalom track like this a fox-body Mustang shows tail lights to highly modified earlys even though they had powerful 300hp V8's - even though some of them had a rack & pinion steering in a 65FB. Of course this is not the whole truth but earlys have to do alot to beat foxes. Fox's wheelbase is 8" shorter, and that makes it outturn the earlys on a slow track. Enginewise, a sixbanger is somewhat lighter at the front than a V8 equipped Fox so I was pretty competitive against the unmodified class winner ('87GT convertible, bone stock) and lost the first place with 0.76 secs. Thirdly, you can put enermous sway bars to the read end to make the cars turn. It is said that a bigger the rear bar the more it oversteers, but all these cars understeered badly on a 200+ degree turn like the first one was. And we had 0.83" bars at the rear.

Cheers! Enjoy the pics!



Some people were interested in the mods that were done under the hood.


Entering the event.


This shows how calm a fox can be when about everything practical has been done to the suspension. K-member moved 1" forward, performance shocks, springs, sub-frames, brakes, Monte-Carlos etc. Performance everything. It won't bend.


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