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It is all about this car, a Ford Mustang 1980 which I purchased for my daily driver - just to go to work and back. Obviously couldn't keep my hands off of it, so it has transformed a little bit from those days in Aug 2002. Engine bay work with GEN1 engine buildup took half a year starting in summer of 2003 but after that the car has not been out of business more than three weeks at a time (like during GEN2 swap). It is hard to go to work without a working car... Anyway, enjoy the site and try to find something useful. This site is quick and dirty and "under construction", so try to avoid flying paint cans and falling ladders.Enjoy! // 80Stang

!SAD NEWS! I had the car for sale for long time here with sales terms that I will take the engine out of it and keep it. I was not wanting to let go with the CI aluminum head, but then a gentleman walked in and wanted to buy the car. After discussions he appreciated the "rare" combination and the power of the 200, so with the money in sight I let go with it complete, including the engine. I'll keep this site here for enjoyment of other inline six fans, and possibly will update the progress with some future plans I have in my mind. Some things just take more time to complete, and in meantime all we can do is - wait. The fuel is there, all it needs is a spark. (Sold in May 2011).

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