GEN3 engine - Third generation

GEN3 engine is yet to be built but has already "born" as the block is there and parts for it are coming. Some info can already be obtained as some decisions are made. The following info is preliminary and may not precisely reflect to finished project.

Project start: March 2006


'70 Ford Torino C9DE Ford 250cid 6-cyl engine
- crankshaft journals: -.020
- crankshaft checked for cracks, chamfered oil holes
- cylinders bored +.060 and honed
- deck milled to zero deck
- Sealed Power #478P 4.2L (255cid) V8 engine pistons (flat top with valve reliefs) & Sealed Power Moly piston rings
- piston dishes machined for desired CR
- connecting rods polished and media blasted
- connecting rod big ends honed
- connecting rod bolts ARP 289/302
- rotating assembly balanced (crank, damper, flywheel, clutch)
- cam bearings (std)
- Schneider Racing camshaft single pattern, 274 advertised and 228 degrees @ 0.050 lift duration, 0.480" lift, 110 degrees LSA
- adjustable timing set (customized stock unit) or adjustable double roller (research under way)
Head and valvetrain
- Classic Inlines aluminum
- Chrome moly push rods
- ARP fasteners
- CR 10-11:1
 Carburetion & fuel/air delivery
- naturally aspirated


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