GEN2 engine - second generation


GEN2 engine is a fully rebuilt Ford "Falcon" 200cid/3.3L inline 6-cylinder engine, D8 casting. It is topped with a modified E0BE head, FSPP 274 camshaft, FSPP single out headers & Clifford port divider and high quality ignition parts among other improvements.

The GEN2 engine project was started in summer of 2004 and is based on the numbers matching D8 block which is the factory original block of this vehicle. This engine fired up in mid March 2005.

GEN2 was dynoed in June 2005. Results can be seen at the FMOC Dyno Day III page.

This is how it sounds (2.5MB sound file...)

Performance at the drag strip was tested in twice in the FoMoCo Drag & Track Weekend events in 2005 and 2006. There is a special report of the 2005 event here. Basically, the only performance modification to the car between the two events was the T5 swap project (unless the suspension and brake mods are taken into account: sub-frames, GT brakes, CC plates) and actually the tire size changed. The 2005 event was run with 205/45/17 tires and the 2006 with 205/55/16. In 2006, the ET time enhanced to 17.04 sec (0.3 sec better than 2005).


'80 Mustang D8DE Ford 200cid 6-cyl engine
- crankshaft journals: -.010, new bearings Federal Mogul
- crankshaft checked for cracks, chamfered oil holes
- cylinders bored +.030 and honed
- deck milled -.030 for zero deck height
- Speed Pro 2.3L 4-cyl. HSC engine pistons (flat top) & Speed Pro piston rings
- connecting rods polished and media blasted
- connecting rod big ends honed
- connecting rod bolts ARP 289/302
- rotating assembly balanced (crank, damper, flywheel, clutch)
- ARP flywheel bolts
- flywheel clutch face machined
- cam bearings (std) Federal Mogul
- Ford Six Performance Parts 274-SDS cam (by Clay Smith Cams)
- duration 274/274 advertised, 224/224 @ .050 lift
- .456 lift with 1.52 rockers
- Sealed Power lifters
- Comp Cams timing chain

Head and valvetrain
'80 Mustang D0DE Ford head
- Sealed Power & Federal Mogul valves, standard size (1.75 intake, 1.39 exhaust)
- valve job with extra 30-deg. back-cut
- seat job
- bronze valve guides (K-liners)
- Comp Cams valve springs
- Ford V6-4.0 engine one-piece valve retainers and locks
- standard non-adjustable rocker arms, 1.52 ratio
- intake welded and milled for Redline 2V adapter plate, direct attach
- combustion chambers polished and valves unshroud slightly
- valve pockets and valve guide ends reformed
- exhaust ports polished and ported to match headers
- new Clifford port divider installed
- milled to achieve 9.5 CR with Victor Rentz head gasket (.045)

Carburetion & fuel/air delivery
- Holley 350 2V Economaster
- electric choke

- '80 Ford Duraspark distributor w/centr. & vacuum advance
- MSD 6A ignition module
- Ford Motorsport SVO Ultra Coil
- Ford Racing 9mm spark plug wires
- Motorcraft BSF42C plugs

- Ford Six Performance Parts single out headers w/ceramic jet-hot coating
- exhaust pipe 2.5" / 2.25", no catalytic converters
- Dynomax super turbo muffler 2.5"

- V8 radiator
- Proform electric fan with adjustable thermostat

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