GEN1 engine - first generation


GEN1 was a fully rebuilt Ford "Falcon" 200cid/3.3L inline 6-cylinder engine, C8 casting. I bought it complete from oil pan to air cleaner from a web auction (like eBay but local Finnish thing) for 20USD just to learn how to rebuild engines. I had never opened an engine before.

GEN1 engine performed 112hp and 202Nm torgue in the chassis dyno in the summer of 2004.

Dyno sheet - graphics

Dyno sheet - numbers

This engine was fired up in mid January 2004 and was removed from duty late March 2005. It served very reliably some 20000 miles. The downfall was the ability not to measure oil levels in a rear sump fox body and so it had to give its place to next generation engine, the GEN2.


'68 Mustang C8DE Ford 200cid 6-cyl engine
- crankshaft journals: -.010, new bearings Federal Mogul
- crankshaft checked for cracks, chamfered oil holes
- cylinders bored +.030 and honed
- Speed Pro pistons & Speed Pro piston rings
- connecting rod big ends honed
- cam bearings (std) Federal Mogul
- Competition Cams 260H cam
- duration 260/260 advertised
- duration 212/212 @ .050 lift
- .440 lift with 1.52 rockers
- Sealed Power lifters
- Comp Cams timing chain

Head and valvetrain
'80 Mustang E0BE Ford head
- valve job
- seat job
- Comp Cams valve springs
- standard non-adjustable rocker arms, 1.52 ratio
- Clifford port divider installed
- milled 0.063" to achieve 8.9 CR with Victor Rentz head gasket (.045)

 Carburetion & fuel/air delivery
- Holley 1946 - 1V
- rebuilt with a Hygrade rebuild kit
- automatic choke

- '80 Ford Duraspark breakerless distributor w/centr. & vacuum advance
- Standard Coil
- Standard spark plug wires
- Motorcraft BSF82 plugs

- Ford Six Performance Parts single out headers w/ceramic jet-hot coating
- exhaust pipe 2.5" / 2.25" / 2", no catalysators
- Redback muffler 2" (Australian made)

- V8 radiator (from 92GT)

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