Engine Bay Project

After the trunk and the interior had taken a lot of care it was time to move forward to the engine bay. This original 3.3L reliable six still worked very well, didn't burn a lot of oil or anything like that. It had more than 200K miles / 300K kilometers on it. Somebody had already disabled the smog stuff but about all the pieces were still in there. This project took about 6 months to carry out, and ended happily to the day of the startup of the "new" totally rebuilt engine, which was a C8 casting block as described in GEN1 section of the site. This original block was used for GEN2.

The engine bay as it was at the time of purchase in Aug 2002.

Early days of July 2003, the engine bay is water blasted "clean" and ready to be disassembed.

A few hours later...


...this had come out.


Here the engine bay has already been sandblasted and primed with epoxy paint.


Covered up and waiting for the finishing white paint.




In parallel to engine bay work the engine and all related parts were cleaned or sandblasted, epoxy primed and painted to blue, black and silver.



"Give me back my Powerplant!"


"You've got it"


The finished engine bay with the GEN1 engine.

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