EFI Project

Due to everlasting quest for new things to learn and too-high gasoline prices I have decided to go for an EFI setup on the GEN2 engine. In the summer of 2005 I got a box full of CFI goodies; two TBIs, wiring harness, sensors, smog/vacuum stuff...pretty much everything out of a CFI 5.0 engine from early 80's. After that, the collection now holds 4 TBIs and even more related gear.

Soon after that in August I ordered Megasquirt I ECU as complete kit from Glen's Garage. It comes with v3.0 board so it makes no additional pain to drive the low impedance Ford injectors.

For a fox-bodied car it is easy to install electric fuel pump as later model gas tanks are available. So I've got a tank from a 92GT convertible, and its fuel pump should provide adequate fuel pressure for the CFI injectors without any modifications. Additionally, the "new" tank holds two gallons of gas more.

The Ford CFI throttle body has traditional 2V Holley pattern, so it will attach right away to the modified log. One of the TBIs will be totally cleaned and refreshed with a Standard rebuild kit.

This project is on hold due to GEN3 engine build-up. The TBIs may get retired already before even being used, as I have thoughts on using six injectors for direct injection and a throttle body with the new Classic Inlines aluminum cylinder head.

The box. I didn't take the ECU, but otherwise there is almost all EFI parts from a '83-'84 302. Two TBIs.

This gas tank is out of a '92 GT Mustang convertible. Displaces 2 gallons more than '80, has integral fuel pump and fuel lines for both ways. Perfect...

TBI Repair Kit from Standard.

Finally got time to take one TBI apart. It is a simple device, but once again the throttle plate screws were stuck.


MS kit from Glen's Garage; everything is there but the time to build it.


The Stimulator Kit unassembled.


The Stimulator Kit assembled.


Megasquirt sources:



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