FMOC (Ford Mustang Owner's Club of Finland, is a 700+ member car club. Third year in a row our club had a FoMoCo Track & Drag Weekend together with Ford Freak Club of Finland and a couple of other local car clubs. This event is held two places - Bothniaring Race Track in Jurva and Kauhajoki Air Field. Bothniaring is a 2.6km long race track some 250 miles north from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Kauhajoki Air Field is a small hobby air field that is also occasionally used for drag racing. The last (5th) race of our club's Slalom Cup was also arranged at the Bothniaring, as well as our club's Race Track Championships.

I had a chance to test the GEN2 engine and benchmark it against the lap time with GEN1 engine last year. It resulted in a 4 sec improvement in lap time which was satisfactory enough. Wish I would have had the chance to install the T5 tranny before the event as I believe it would have helped a second or two with the "existence of a 3rd gear" ... SROD is awful on the race track due to the huge gap between 2nd to 3rd. Anyway, it was fun again and everybody enjoyed it to the full. Here are some pics.

Swapped these Boss 17" rims with some worn tires just for racing purposes as I didn't want to ruin my good new street tires on the track.

Lining up for qualifying. A '79 V8 Cobra following.


A '87 GT convertible chasing. It was wet for starters but did dry out after an hour or so. At this point the track was very slippery.

Lining up for the first 1/4.

First 1/4 mile ever. Got better reaction and was leading half the way, but V8 power finally took over. 15.88 vs. 17.3 against stock '79 302 Cobra.

The second run down the strip starts here.

Cornering at the Slalom Track, which was pretty fast this time.


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